MyScoutGroup Features

The following features are currently implemented:

Web Pages

  • Online web page creation and editing (like this one)
  • Web pages can be either public or private with the private pages only visible to logged in users of a site.


  • A news blog per section with the latest news automatically provided on the front page.

Event Calendars

  • Event calendars organised per section in your group.
  • Upcoming events automatically featured on the front page.
  • Events can have attachments like forms for members to download.
  • Events have associated meeting locations with maps.

Membership Database

  • Integrated membership database based around families, members and member appointments.
  • Family addresses with maps.
  • Group demographic overview with all current families locations on a single map.
  • Search member of family details from any part of their name, address, phone number, email, etc.
  • Email the whole group or a section with just a few clicks with all email address automatically from the current members.
  • When a member changes section, their email address is automatically transferred to the other section.

Role Based Access

  • Leaders and Committee members have access based on their role in the group.
  • Information read access and update access is based on the role.

Equipment Asset Register

  • Online equipment asset register to maintain records of your groups equipment
Last updated: about 4 years ago