What is it?

MyScoutGroup is a web based system to support Scout Groups to more easily stay in contact with and manage their members and parents.

Among others, the benefits of MyScoutGroup are:

  • Web based so it is easily accessible from any web browser.
  • Accessible on the go from any web enabled phone.
  • Upcoming events are automatically placed on the front and provide details on the event including downloadable forms and a map of the event location.
  • Centralised membership database so all leaders and officers are working with the same data.
  • Just a few clicks allows sending email to all current members of a section or the whole group with all email addressed automatically provided from the membership database.
  • Get a view of the demographics of the group membership with all family addressed plotted on a map.
  • Dashboard feature showing
    • Recently joined members
    • Recently left members
    • Members that are due to go up to the next section
    • Upcoming birthdays
  • Easily search the database on any part of the member details.
  • Create and update the group public web pages online including attached documents and photo’s.
  • As easily created and maintained as the public web pages, leaders and committee members can also keep non-public information online e.g. meeting minutes, procedures, planning notes, etc.
Last updated: over 8 years ago